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by Amnistia

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Init 01:12
G.S.W./Rage 06:02
g.s.w. / rage 
I was attacked - I don't know why 
 was near to death but saw no light
 you thought I'm dead, left me alive 
 seeing your face was like a kick in a hive 
 I felt the heat deep inside 
 dislodged the bullet - it made me blind 
it was a pain I never felt again 
 death did caress me but didn't win
 the bullet blew away my sorrow don't know how much blood I’ve swallowed 
the 2nd tasted good, now search the 1st one look for the man I was something went wrong
 I miss the man I was something went wrong 
 I know it's wrong something went wrong 
 it is a stirring situation 
you’re on the run but can not hide 
 you leave a trail, I follow you 
 you live your life, I'm watching you 
 your face in my minds eye 
you killed my hope, I don't let you die 
 I want to harm you the way like you did 
 maybe it pleases me to see your blood… now I'm a man of violence 
grant me my sense of justice 
 the 2nd left me, now search the 1st one to get the only one - I know it's wrong 
I use the 1st one but know it's wrong 
 I know it's wrong something went wrong

do you remember the day 
you met me in hate
 playing at fate
 who is the man who signed my body with scars 
always tell me 
how quick a life can be stopped
 it was a shot - that ripped my skin… 
 it was a shot - that sharpened my mind… it was a shot - that changed my life… 
 a simple gun shot 
turned life to hell
red coloured emotions I am a modern hunter – marching through the rain looking for a bloody shot – I play a gainful game landscapes not my main target – I want to face the fear my soul painted with foreign blood – my illusions disappear jarring sirens in the air – I shoot a dying man his eyes wide open he goes down shouts declining in the night he is a father and my friend … shit happens but it sells I understand but can't prevent – turn off my mind and hold his hand I got an order – another mission – I don't know what I get fingers ready on the trigger – emotions coloured red I'm a soldier without faith – the camera my most brutal gun aiding a desperate mom to see that bullets passed into her son. (chorus 1) interchangeable man walking on their way – straight from life to death visual failures were captured on film by puppets not able to see their hands adjust the focal distance to feed the daily press leaving the scenes when the job is done – looking for other atrocities (chorus 2) the interchangeable man walking on their way straight from screen to shot telling the world that their work is worth – there's nothing left but this creating in the name of peace another deeply shocking decay promoted wars in tasty bytes – maybe god will bless your soul
Prosperity 04:19
prosperity unsorted venues - collected names different perspectives waiting for accomplishment messengers and prophets sagacity - grace pursuit and escape - other world technology specific targets - deleted names repeating systems waiting for sanctification challengers and spirits accusers execution belief and trust - foreign world prosperity (chorus 1) we rule - we crash - we pray exclusive violence a gift for you - obedience - your fate our mission - the game – victories on battlefields manipulated minds a cage called home - you're in the zone die to free your mind (chorus 2) arosed from war – in fights we live - brutally we act making our claims without a reason no matter what will happen you reach your destination death is just an effect for something in the past it is your fate – to be liberated – don’t ask untamed it's not the final game
Headfake 05:11
headfake life, salvation and madness - I run, I work, I pay my words are true but no one cares the world against me – I act not talk conformity, confusion and rage I sleep, I eat, I fight, I speak there is no god, no hell, no peace the trust in me – the only truth I watch me from inside no matter if the other dies dreams, reality and anger I feel, I love, I hate the news censored but no one sees all of my colleagues are nearly blind prosperity, destruction and lies I read, I write, I paint, I hear there is no freedom, no hope, no faith to find a soul mate the only way to get the chance to find my peace my neighbour is the enemy (chorus) nothing but the claim is here a guilty conscience needs no accusers in fights there is no time to fear unsteadiness turns men to losers I blame it on the man in front his peering eyes touching me lightly I need your help! where are you God? my thoughts are like attacking cruisers
Tempted 04:32
tempted everything changes you take off your dress there's nothing you do, you just stand there a rotund butt, your hands through your hair your smile is so smart – one's legs apart on the chair a face like a painting, your mouth is pure sin my body is burning, your tongue on my skin everything's gone when you use your hands I taste your cream when you sit on my face you're down on your knees, your lustful eyes say that you love me, want to hear all these lies can feel your throat, your lips 'round my meat show that you like it – you know how to treat it thrills me how you move when you move your body is quaking, it's all so smooth I smell your aura, can taste your sweat it makes me scream, you bite my neck can't see your face – I lick your clit a sensual moaning - I scratch your back your perfect body, you close a gap you're smiling complied - you are my trap
self-defence disturbing thoughts I’ve caught on paper troubling remorse out of my head caged forever to remember to an action in the past committed failures just impressions careless whispers of myself just try to secure my own cognition paper’s patient and will survive me I try to fool my superior foe but it will burn near by the flames don’t want to fall in inner pain I want to stop these sick thoughts of destruct returning in slow-motion films worth to forget – to get it out of my head I know the strange behaviour of stupidity but it’s not the worst creativity to help myself just an ability my hands are slaves they bring me down and find the way between the lines it’s my advantage – now I’m prepared for further scenes (chorus) another nightmare scene deleted just remembrance of the past annihilated thoughts of broken defence a new direction - a change of scenes mad emotions pale my skin a cocktail of sins leads me to my old power
Fear (V.2) 05:49
fear v.2 a dark place – no light, no warmth, no safety where am I a cold light lights up this strange place nevertheless there is no safety fear in my mind a voice is calling my name irrelevant – hardship the end is near… so close, so close something is reaching for me I’m in a rush of sedatives and drugs they make my body carelessly peace in my mind – a needle pierces my skin a liquid is mixing with my blood the idyll gets destroyed by torment, pain and agony, by sorrow and distress… now this is reality (chorus 1) is there a light I can see in the sky is there a sign for being alive is there a voice deep in my head or is it a bug or just a fear to have it (chorus 2) is there a fight my body should win is there a force I have to defend against is there a poison straight into my veins or is it despair which spreads in my mind is there a hole deep in my soul a kind of freedom which follows the drugs is there a hand waking me up from my dreams a helping hand I can hold in the night – that I can hold in the night (end) is there a light I can see in the sky there is no sign for being alive…
Mindschwitch 05:12
mindswitch I close the door behind me – a chaos in my head no glass to break, no friends to call – lay in my bed awake when you said good-bye I felt the pain inside my brain I never could imagine that love is killing me “sunday morning vibes” I have to leave them behind I drift against the wall of life, not sure that I am fine your fragrance in my nose – I see your picture in my mind your words are pumping in my head – my life is out of line I cross your way and I see nothing in your eyes your mimic is rejection – I cheat myself with lies your portrait is so fine but just a sheet on the wall you see my mental state but I'm too proud to crawl I walk along the floor – I see your letters on the wall I know each word, I know each line – read them a thousand times the pictures in my hands – are just a store of memories alone with my emotions I want to feel that I'm alive
Y.C.B.L. 07:18
 love - love is circling arbitrary 
 a strangers thoughts - out of control possession - what is the purpose of distrust - it makes the mind corrupt fate - fate is circling naturally insight is bearing a never-ending force lovesickness is not a luxury and friendship is what it’s all about hate it is the blade on everybody’s neck trust – trust is circling carefully side blows obscure inner shakiness faith is worth to live for and more jealousy is like an unloved child self-esteem is what you really need we - we carry the cross - across our yearnings nothing is predetermined – but we
we act within deep inside we damn ourselves for being alive feelings, kisses and tears – love hate pain love hate pain - are changing it's not a game, there's nothing to blame we can't get out, we won't step out nothing – nothing is changing!
however (good-bye) it's not a great attraction – your body in my bed isn't it a hazard – your cunt so warm and wet it's not an endless joy to see your laughing face but isn't it our fate – love is gone without a trace … without a trace it’s a frustrating thing – wordless eve's in a row 
 isn't it a punishment – that sex replaces your soul 
 it is the best relation – my cock deep in your head 
 but isn't it a tragedy the only thing you get … the only thing you get it is the best solution to wait until you go 
 but isn't it reality that you will never do it is a peeving fact - you're beautiful but dull 
isn't it a reason be bored but stand by you 
it is a kind of freedom to let you down unknowing 
but isn't it a prospect to know that nothing's changing … a prospect to know that nothing's ever changing [end] you can’t feel me – can’t you feel me take me away – I go away no more days good bye, good bye, good bye


original release date: 2007.06.01


released January 1, 2020

All tracks recorded, mixed and produced at KŒ-Studio, Leipzig, 2005-2007 except tracks 5 and 7 mixed and produced at Kellermusik-Office, Leipzig, 2005. All tracks mastered in Gelsenkirchen, March 2007.


all rights reserved



Amnistia Leipzig, Germany

The name Amnistia is both the program and a philosophy. In many languages it means amnesty. Amnistia releases their band- members from inactivity, provides freedom for creativity, it is an outlet, and their work is a verdict that their minds have transformed into sound. ... more

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