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by Amnistia

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Init4 01:09
Sermon 04:26
sermon I think your God’s got a sick sense of humor what would he say if I knocked on his door? I want to tell him "I'm not a believer as long as I know that your words are not true!” I think your God is a master of bad faith why do you crave but don’t touch his blessed gifts? I want to ask him "God how can you sleep well as long as you know that your words are abused?” I think your God plays a game just for himself why can he change all the rules as he likes? I want to show him that he is a liar as long as no one has a fair chance to win (chorus) what kind of world do you want? history starts now! there is no need to swamp it out! what kind of freedom do you want? history starts now! easy to handle but hard to master! history starts now! for you!
Egotrap 04:07
egotrap trapped – wounded integrity falling down, actually hail to their bogus gods taking everything apart forced – unleashed complexity breaking down, silently essential for the nasty wimps you're a victim of their whims outlawed – performed serenity coming down, instantly hunted by a crippled mind you search the button for rewind torched – inflicted dependency burning down, painfully tortured by a deadly sound you need a jump to reach the ground (chorus) cruel eyes are deflecting the panic from the fear cruel eyes never reach the inside – they will sear feel the pain I stored in the inside of my brain feel the pain – it is the only thing living in my vein
Research 04:21
research I don't talk about the things I don't like my thoughts are mine – make sure you understand creeping betrayal – peaks in an blood oath a hard-won insight – my source of strength I don't talk about the things I don't know minds without spines – they're scourges of their self a mental downfall – peaks in dependence self-defamation – a mortal constraint I don't talk about the things I don't want my life is mine – please keep this in your mind a worn depression – peaks in an poem moral in rage – the silent reserve I don't talk about the things I don't need the waste of feelings – retarded egos a gruesome omen – unveils the secret versatile lies – they will prevail (chorus) morbid worries never win – the flames of hope are burning take me away – show me an exit from their lies commanded minds will never grow – their marbled statues fall in please rescue me – I don’t need comfort 'cause I want this fight
Faceless 04:35
faceless every word you say is crap – please don’t deny you bore me to death, your image is a lie there's no tiny sense in your stupid din for me it doesn't matter, but that’s another thing you are on a hunt for ordinary minds everywhere I go – faces with your signs you say you're in the fight – a fight against the aged I hope you understand… I think you are deranged! you say my time is up – excuse me, you are wrong who always follows leaders will never go in front outworn – your scatology, you call it revolution but if I count the facts… you celebrate stagnation you say you're back on track – but you never were on it and please remember this – I see through your shit a word can be a weapon – yours disarm yourself I hope someone will tell you it is five to twelve (chorus) you want to be the injection but you can't cure the infection enough of hypocrisy I won’t waste my respect all your victims pleased to death – not able to select you cannot win the election accept my final rejection I hate your stupid words I see your empty face artificial fiendishness – not more than a fucking glaze
Elements 04:39
elements I am like dust under the sun a temper of destruction anger and hate melting together in a pot of lies malicious deceit followed by an explosion life and death controlled by the force of gravity I am like sand in a storm a tiny thing in motion blackout and letdown hand in hand on an unknown path annoying malfunction unstoppable erosion friction and hold gravity kills if you don’t fix your point I am like men on earth a victim of devotion terror and violence feeding each other with their seed of hate gruesome despite bullets release the tension belief and creed no turn without the axis of gravity (chorus) I am the storm shaping the land known from "The Book" I am the flood I am the flame which burns your skin a might on earth I am the quake I am the light in darkest nights tears of the sky I am the rain I am the heat which melts the ice thorn in your flesh I am the time
Gazing Eyes 03:20
gazing eyes take a little drug – your way to interact rehash your ego – thoughts feel so unreal to realize your moves – a beginning not a proof hunt a vision – you'll just catch your life there is no need to say that you’re disgusting me try to combine – you'll see that you still feel you need another wrap – to bear your fucking crap your partners should keep contact with your eyes try to find your bliss – locate what you won’t miss tell your story – comfort to reveal getting pissed all day – no matter what they say try to safe a little self-esteem maybe you’ll resurrect – just find strength to select try to report your sorrows to your friends you'll never reach your aim – there’s no one else to blame your partners should keep contact with your eyes (chorus) desperation is a measure hope is just a matter of grief shivering, smiling but possessed white lies aren't an option to see gazing eyes in competition willing to succeed fighting, purifying, holding your own a hopeless purpose to beat
Kraft 04:27
Kraft Bin ich am Leben, weil ich denke – weil mein Geist mir Würde schenkt? Sind die Fasern meines Stolzes strapaziert und überdehnt? Ist mein Antlitz auch mein Ich, grauenvoll es anzufassen, liegt im Wahn der Eitelkeit auch der Grund sich selbst zu hassen? Bin ich am Leben, weil ich atme – weil mein Blut im Schädel pocht? Sind die Lasten, die ich trage, schwerer als ich sie erhofft? Ist der Dolch in meinem Herzen scharf genug es zu zerfetzen, wirkt die Summe meiner Taten auf die Dauer nur zersetzend? Willst du nicht verstehen – kannst du nicht vergeben? Bist du dominant oder spürst du meine Hand? Kannst du widerstehen – willst du untergehen? Spürst du den Widerstand oder bist du bei Verstand? Bin ich am Leben, weil ich liebe – weil mein Hass die Wut entfacht? Sind die Waffen, die ich wähle, Reaktion oder bedacht? Klingt die Stimme tief in mir nach Vernunft oder betörend, sind Gedanken, die mich treiben, nützlich oder einfach störend? Bin ich am Leben, weil ich fühle – weil mein Geist nicht sehen kann? Sind die Schäden, die ich richte, letztlich doch mein Eigentum? Ist der Inhalt meiner Venen angedickt und giftversetzt, wird der Rest von meiner Seele durch die Dunkelheit gehetzt? (chorus) Gib mir die Kraft – den Stolz frisst die Flamme, gib mir die Kraft – kein Land in Sicht, gib mir die Kraft – den Weg zu beschreiten, gib mir die Kraft – die Mauer bricht. Zeig mir den Weg zur Erlösung – doch nicht auf allen Vieren, bin das Produkt kranker Geister – will meinen Stolz nicht verlieren. Zeig' mir den Weg zur Erleuchtung – hab' keine Chance zu entfliehen, ich bin das Kind deiner Zweifel – verdammt zum Niederknien.
Film 03:52
film rushed – decayed – uncertain memories I see scraps – don't know if they're real my head’s a hole – scars without a history mind’s in hate – collapses stopped by sedatives cracked – confused – aware of madness I run riot – don't know where I belong my life's a maze – every day's a mystery eyes in fear – insight caused by misery raped – deranged – menacing flashback I taste blood – don't know if it's mine hands incrusted – cold meat without identity brains in rage – crash without deliverance riot / raped / deranged / menacing rage (chorus) hey you, take my hate – do you want to leave today? don't pardon me – my mind suspends violence, despair – towers of destruction all breaks down – don't want this for eternity hey you, take my pain – do you want to see my life? I hope you will not lose control rage, love – towers of existence all breaks down – opposites don’t exist / co-exist
Fading (like a cloud in a storm) can't you see? it’s gonna be the hardest part my heart in flames – can hear my pulse carry away those aching thoughts never again, never again I hope this pain will last a while please remain, oh please remain why don't you leave another day? can't you hear? it’s gonna be the loudest calm I breathe the world – can see my thoughts I'm like a puppet on a string never again, never again I hope this fear will last a while please remain, oh please remain why don't you leave another day? can't you feel? it’s gonna be the sweetest pain a breeze like ice – can taste my blood you cannot con the ferryman never again, never again I hope this pain will last a while please remain, oh please remain why don't you leave another day? chorus) fading like a cloud in a storm we send a prayer to whom it may concern there is no need for support this is more forceful than a shot this is not a goodbye – this is a sanction of God
gamble with a lie a legion of words – parallel to the truth the base of evil in a smart disguise if I Iook into mirrors I see this face coldblooded action with tricky eyes if I look into mirrors I can see a man he seems to be honest but betrays when he can no one can say how he’s going to act an all-embracing stupor... more hidden lies to detect another day – the same identity-play since I remember it’s been my way pretended feelings all over the place if I look sharp – it’s not my face (the dullness of truth – it is a human disease imagination – the realm of our minds and our creed and if there is a hell maybe there will be a God but it's a fucking fact that he will take the last slot (chorus) nobody is cheating me – I do it by myself nobody is hunting me but I gamble with a lie there's nothing else to say – frustration and despair I feel their eyes on me ‘cause I gamble with a lie


original release date: 2011.04.29
tracks 14-25 are bonus tracks from the sold out limited edition 2CD set.


released January 1, 2020

All tracks written between 05/2008 and 12/2010.
All tracks recorded, mixed and produced at KŒ-Studio Leipzig, eL.E.ven Studios Leipzig and K-Zwo Labs Leipzig between 2008 and 2010 except vocals of track 11 recorded and produced at the TLP-Studios Gelsenkirchen.
All tracks were mastered @ Studio 600 / Gelsenkirchen in 2011.


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Amnistia Leipzig, Germany

The name Amnistia is both the program and a philosophy. In many languages it means amnesty. Amnistia releases their band- members from inactivity, provides freedom for creativity, it is an outlet, and their work is a verdict that their minds have transformed into sound. ... more

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